Digital Signage Tradeshow – ISE Review by Sixteen-Nine

digital signage tradeshow ISE

Digital Signage Tradeshow News

Observations and pictures of ISE 2022 by Dave Haynes at Sixteen:Nine.  It’s worth noting this might be the first post regarding a in-progress digital signage tradeshow in three years. Haynes provides a lot of pictures with lots of people.  Barcelona is nice.  InfoComm 2022 June 4 is the next big US AV show.  Covid is a definite consideration. Good news from Spain is almost 90% are vaccinated + its not like the show is in Madrid. Cataluna is 26 cases per 100,000. Not to be cynic but Chicago is 69% and 33 cases per 100K, and on the rise. Las Vegas?  Well, its 60% vaccinated and 12 cases per 100K.  It has increased 83% in last two weeks.

LG Transparent OLED

LG Transparent OLED

In Brief

  • Haynes did not make the trip due to multiple factors
  • Lots of photos showing very busy traffic
  • Barcelona beats Amsterdam weather
  • Mentions — PlaceOS, ISE Immersive, LG monorail with transparent OLED, Samsung Wall


Sixteen:Nine’s German language content partner Invidis has people at the show and Florian Rotberg put up a quick post summarizing things:

Long queues in front of the entrances, full aisles in the exhibition halls and a good atmosphere everywhere. ISE is back and the industry is happy. The skepticism has gone and the move to Barcelona has been a success despite the pandemic. For most ISE visitors, the first thing to do is find your way around.

There’s some good advance coverage of the show here, and your browser should do a decent job of converting German to English.

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InfoComm Digital Signage Tradeshow

Digital Signage CMS – 22Miles Roadmap 2022

digital signage cms 22miles

Digital Signage CMS News

A look towards the future by Tomer Mann of 22Miles. From AVNetwork – for more information send an email to [email protected]

In Brief

  • Visual communication system in all types of venues is very important
  • Audience consists of customers but also employees.
  • Capabilities added last year include touchless navigation for wayfinding applications
  • “For us, 2022 will be all about demystifying incredible digital signage experiences.”


AVT Question: With some trade shows having been canceled or scaled back and limited in-person meetings, it has been a challenge for technology managers to learn about a company’s philosophy, vision, and product roadmap for the coming year. Would you share what you can about your 2022 company roadmap? [January 2022]

Thought Leader: Tomer Mann, Executive Vice President of Sales at 22Miles

These days, the rules for public spaces are changing all the time. 22Miles’ digital signage content management software (CMS) helps its customers not just make peace with changing circumstances, but also thrive.

People need clear, user-friendly guidance as they return offices, stadiums, museums, transportation hubs, and conference centers. A visual communication system can deliver up-to-the-minute information about new policies and health and safety guidelines. Our enterprise customers use our software to help manage reallocating physical resources for long-term hybrid operations; conference centers are leveraging their digital signage networks to help attendees understand precautions and policies. Customers need to disseminate consistent information about new policies instantly across dispersed locations. In 2022, 22Miles is focused on making that as easy as possible.

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Digital Signage Best Practice Guide 2022

digital signage best practices 2022

Digital Signage Best Practices Writeup

Ton of heavyweights in the digital signage solution space weigh in on what’s important in writeup by AVNetwork. Contributors include Megan Zeller of Peerless-AV and Tomer Mann of 22Miles and LG Solutions.

In Brief

  • Digital Signage Trends
  • Supply and Demand
  • Value-Added Distributors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Preparation
  • Business
  • Content Management
  • Exhibit
  • Retail Product Showcase


When it comes to digital signage—and indeed all AV solutions—in 2022, flexibility is the name of the game.

As we know, effective digital signage not only communicates relevant brand or company information to today’s viewers, but it leaves the door open for any number of future use cases— suiting the changing needs of an organization for years to come. From staying open to using products that were not in your original plans if supply chain issues rear their ugly head; to rolling with unintended delays with a phased installation—in the Digital Signage Best Practices Guide 2022, we see flexibility in action across the entire spectrum of digital signage applications.

We will first hear from industry experts for their insights on how to avoid common digital signage pitfalls, partnering with value-added distributors, keeping lines of communication open with your stakeholders, planning for the unplanned, and leveraging familiar display technology in creative ways to attract (and keep) customers.

New to this year’s guide, we will then show you three innovative, inspired case studies—courtesy of manufacturers and installation professionals who are upending expectations on what is possible when digital signage is brought into art, education, and larger-than-life retail environments.

And, finally, we look at the cutting-edge digital signage products making waves right now, including mounting systems, extenders, controllers, management platforms, and, of course, the displays themselves.

Full report download

digital signage best practices 2022

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AVI-SPL Digital Signage Video Tour Offices Dallas

AVI-SPL Digital Signage Solutions

AVI-SPL Digital Signage News

AVI-SPL Dallas is happy to present this sneak peek video of our new office which is designed to represent the workplace of the future featuring the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Our doors are open and we welcome the opportunity to host clients, prospects, architects, consultants, general contractors, manufacturer partners, CRE professionals and those seeking a position within the industry. See it all under one roof!

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ISE Barcelona and LG Preview


Preview of LG Business Solutions Digital Signage at ISE Barcelona

LG will have a very large booth at ISE Barcelona.  If you would like to meet send an email to [email protected]

The booth will be even bigger than the booth in 2019 and here are some videos showing what was there then.


Here is the complete set of videos (114 of them mind you)

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Amazon Digital Signage – Appears to Be Matter of Time

amazon digital signage

Amazon Digital Signage News

Base writeup on ModernRetail and the subsequent post on Sixteen:Nine

Excerpt Modern Retail

Put together, here’s what we know so far:

  • Amazon is planning on selling ad placements on digital signage its physical grocery stores beginning in the second quarter of this year, per a document leaked to Business Insider.
  • Additionally, the company is reportedly thinking of expanding the inventory to other parts of the shopping experience including smart shopping carts, checkout booths and digital smokescreens on refrigerator doors.
  • A big part of Amazon’s pitch is its data: People with knowledge of the program told me that Amazon’s touted metrics it’s offering to brands include ad play count, estimated impressions, impressions by geography as well as tracked ASIN sales data.
  • It is currently only available to select brands that are already stocked in the stores with fresh ASINs available.

Excerpt 16:9

Many big retailers have screens in stores that, in theory or practice, could be made available for ads from consumer goods brands that have products sold in those environments. Walmart even has a demand-side ad platform. But Amazon has the wicked combination of very sophisticated and deep data collection capabilities, combined with its very slick, probably best-of-breed frictionless shopping technology.

In stores using Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, sensors and software have such a grip on shopper behavior they can track what people pick off shelves (and sometimes replace) and complete transactions without any of the normal human or self-checkout processes.

You could maybe argue that Amazon is already kinda sorta vaguely in the digital signage business, in that some networks run off low-cost Fire TV devices, and some operators use AWS cloud hosting. But this is a lot more direct involvement, and tracks to how Amazon generally rolls. They start with subbing out, but gradually build  their own capabilities, like warehouse and fulfillment, data hosting and even delivery trucks and air cargo. Amazon Go’s frictionless tech is the company’s own IP, and now they license it to other retailers.

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Digital Signage STRATACACHE Partners with NCR

ncr digital signage solution

NCR Digital Signage Solution

Noted on Sixteen Nine first and here is NCR press release

In Brief

  • The usual partnership agreement
  • two very different companies
  • The installation and service component has to be attractive for STRATACACHE
  • This time NCR opted to “partner” rather than purchase.

Excerpt from 16:9

This is different, I think.

First, Riegel doesn’t have the time or tolerance for partnerships that are more optics than genuine opportunity. He also doesn’t need a way into the QSR and fast casual space, because he’s already there in a substantial way. His estimate is 60% market share in the US and Canada, already.

Working with NCR means access to more restaurant operations that maybe use something else for signage, but NCR for payment or other systems. These days, a lot of operators like the streamlined notion of one supplier for many things, so if they can get payment systems from NCR and ALSO get state-of-the-art, data-driven software for their menu and pre-sell displays from a direct partner, maybe on one invoice, that’s likely to make them happy.

The partnership is already, Riegel tells me, leading to new business opportunities with existing NCR customers, while STRATACACHE customers – including some whale accounts – are cutting over to NCR field services.


Craig Keefner on Sixteen:Nine — Service is the huge factor. NCR supports anybody and everybody for example in a Walmart store (or did). Grocery checkout is saturated but worth noting NCR is very involved in the recent “just walk out” UK iterations. Another complication for their historical business is the inevitable decline of ATMs and the rise of Bitcoin.

NCR Press Release

ATLANTA, March 1, 2022 – Building strong connections to diners is key to enhancing a restaurant’s brand. NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a leading enterprise technology provider, is now partnering with STRATACACHE, the global industry leader in digital signage and retail marketing technology, to deliver engaging menus, compelling offers and best-in-class service.

“Digital signage is a powerful tool that goes beyond simply communicating a menu. It can create operational efficiency, personalize the guest experience and drive revenue,” said Dirk Izzo, president and general manager, NCR Hospitality. “By partnering with STRATACACHE, NCR is accelerating digital signage innovation and delivering solutions that create a competitive advantage to our customers, giving them more tools to run the restaurant.”

The NCR-STRATACACHE partnership brings together comprehensive software solutions that link to the NCR Commerce Platform, powerful analytics and 24x7x365 field service that allow restaurants to deliver agile dynamic campaigns and customized experiences to engage consumers.

“Our partnership helps the restaurant industry leverage knowledge of the customer from prior visits, mobile or loyalty to empower personalization and concierge-level service across digital menu boards, kiosks and mobile application engagements,” said Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE founder and CEO. “As restaurant operators face ongoing labor and supply chain challenges, technology, automation and smart digital menus are essential to reducing service times, improving sales results and minimizing challenging labor conditions. This alliance ties incredibly innovative technology to the operational and service capabilities required to ensure customer success, with faster service times, more efficient labor and increased margins.”

NCR is a full end-to-end provider from order creation to payment settlement that brings together software, services and hardware — trusted by more than 100,000 restaurant sites, including independent operators, domestic chains and international brands across the globe. NCR Aloha provides everything enterprise and SMB restaurants need to run their business, boost efficiency and increase growth.

STRATACACHE provides a full scope of consumer engagement technology and services to the world’s largest restaurant, retail, brand and service companies. STRATACACHE’s digital solutions use smart digital displays, advanced sensors and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to customize the guest experience, enhancing profitability, customer satisfaction and speed of service. With more than three million digital displays operating in 28 countries, STRATACACHE is the global leader in advanced retail marketing technology.

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leading enterprise technology provider that runs stores, restaurants and self-directed banking. NCR is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., with 38,000 employees globally. NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Visitor Experience with Digital Signage Software

From SVC Online July 2021

While the visitor experience itself is a highly personal process that managers can never fully control, systems contractors can grow the opportunities to entice and comfort guests with the latest advancements in content management, digital signage, and wayfinding technology.

The trickle back to normal as we once knew it has become a steady stream of adjustments for systems contractors, AV managers, staff, and visitors across all types of venues. With a greater emphasis on safe and seamless navigation, the demand for easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate content technology is spiking. As facilities welcome back employees and visitors alike, the latest advancements in digital signage and wayfinding technology are rising to meet the demand, leaving a steep learning curve for technicians to brave.

Embracing the capabilities of digital signage in a way that benefits business can be overwhelming: No longer is a stagnant screen in an entryway up to par with visitor expectations. Customers are seeking robust solutions that offer user-friendly digital signage and wayfinding experiences, while AV managers are after partners that provide simple programming, customizable interfaces, and interoperable software.

On top of innovative and streamlined software properties, AV and facilities managers need a collaborative, easy to toggle approach to ensure a unique, premium design, mobile control options, and peace of mind. The standard uses of digital signage have shifted dramatically to focus on the visitor, aiming to create a one-of-a-kind experience among a competitive landscape.

The latest technology in digital signage and content management delivers on the whole package. Let’s dive into the technologies that are allowing companies to trade single screens and low-level access control in favor of fully interactive, immersive, and impressive experiences.

A Competitive Edge with Infotainment, Branding and More

Technology is changing fast, and it’s everywhere. Now, visitors and employees alike not only expect that signage will be on-demand for information and wayfinding, but also that it will be responsive and convenient to use. For technicians looking to upgrade existing AV environments with a digital focused experience, the right content management software can be the missing key. Immersive, custom experiences delivered through digital signage applications are immensely valuable for building brand equity and recognition, offering a “wow” factor that historically hasn’t been seen in signage.

Typically, when end users think of touch-based interaction, they picture a single touch screen that they can navigate like a tablet. While a few years ago this technology was innovative, AV manufacturers and integrators have leveled up the experience with new ways to interact. Custom signage with flexible content management platforms is growing in popularity as more companies implement AV technology that will both dazzle with design and provide meaningful information to guests.

With this, the upgrade trades displays as we know them for full experience centers: from tablet and mobile devices carrying on-demand wayfinding apps to direct LED and video wall designs, experiential design implementations are becoming a high demand “wow” factor for organizations to create that immersive experience while reducing some of the old school tools that typically occupy meeting spaces – whiteboards, “dumb” TVs, and more.

The ideal experience center is rooted in a customizable, robust content management system that grants managers complete control of their facility’s digital signage experience. The result of the initial touch screen is now a visually stimulating channel that carries throughout the facility, breaking down the barriers of single screens and creating a start-to-finish experience that serves the unique needs of any given facility.

Here, There, and Everywhere: Signage That Moves with You

Indoor wayfinding has evolved dramatically from printed signs and maps to interactive kiosks. Now, with smartphones, the paradigm is shifting once more. There are more ways to interact with signage than ever before, from voice commands and gestures to traditional touch methods, and from new implementations like thermal scanning and virtual receptionists to completely connected mobile wayfinding. The AV no longer stops at the point of signage: users can interact, receive feedback, and then take the experience with them on their mobile phone.

Users access mobile control via digital signage with a QR code scan, which allows them to interact with the display from their mobile web browser with no application install or download required. Eliminating the need to physically interact with digital signage and displays helps drive efficiency and accessibility to wayfinding in shopping or transportation centers, visitor kiosk check-ins for healthcare or hospitality facilities, and more. Supporting touch-free technology and delivering wayfinding to the fingertips, this growing application is defining a new standard for the visitor experience.

As occupancy continues to increase, digital signage software experts are focused on how to make the visitor experience stronger. One of the latest features making a splash for AV managers and systems contractors is room booking and hot desking, which provides a major assist in navigating and planning around facilities. With integrated room scheduling incorporated into wayfinding apps, AV managers can plan for space allocation and accommodate evolving safety measures.

The key to successful room booking and hotdesking for conferences, events, and office spaces is connectivity. Digital signage that integrates with collaboration apps has enhanced capabilities for room booking integration and design, wayfinding for the hoteling and hotdesking features, check-in or team member invite, real-time messaging, and RFID badge/ID support for touchless swipe check-in components. This list of features accounts for most of the visitor’s experience, providing valuable insight for managers to make continuous improvements. Even shifting into post-COVID operations, the value of the scheduling integration will carry on as managers seek a streamlined, simple, and seamless method of booking and organizing events and meetings.

Uncomplicating the Integration Process

Systems contractors are still learning about and understanding all that digital signage can do. It’s not a novelty anymore, but rather a dynamic medium for information that creates an entertaining, immersive experience. That said, it’s becoming necessary for a competitive edge, and it’s presenting a learning curve that can be braved with the right technology. Luckily, AV managers have the option to bring a CMS partner that can provide full design service assistance and consultancy on the implementation to simplify the AV engineers learning curve for new products, especially in software.

AV managers usually don’t want anything to do with managing software, but they do want to know they have a partner to consultant and offer the services to get the job done. And given the recent upgrades brought on by COVID, it’s becoming more commonplace to call on these partners to retrofit software to existing systems. Not every install is standalone; instead, most implementations are a means of improving and adding features to existing signage. From the AV manager standpoint, one of the most important considerations for implementing new software is compatibility. To upgrade systems with software interoperable with the most popular, robust third-party APIs – from Crestron to Bright Sign and from Mersive to Intel – is critical for today’s world. When choosing a partner for digital signage upgrades that will leave visitors and staff in awe, without technical snags, a robust platform that will integrate across technologies is a win.

Post-install, the demand for simplicity and customization are in. With new drag and drop layouts and visual filter capabilities at their fingertips, brands can leverage the power of digital signage to communicate, entertain, and streamline navigation across facilities. The latest developments in software allow AV managers to customize the look and feel of every sign, kiosk, and video wall, creating a memorable and lasting experience for visitors, staff, and employees alike.

Digital signage and wayfinding technologies bring people together, communicate important messages, streamline operational costs and resources, and support efficiency. Tailored to optimize the guest experience across industries, digital signage is now at the heart of facilities’ infrastructure and offers a new way to bring a great first impression to guests. While the visitor experience itself is a highly personal process that managers can never fully control, systems contractors can grow the opportunities to entice and comfort guests with the latest advancements in content management, digital signage, and wayfinding technology.

About Tomer Mann

Tomer Mann is EVP, 22Miles. As a veteran in the digital signage industry for more than ten years, Tomer strives to enhance visual communication consulting services to higher education, hospitality, retail, transportation, government, corporate, venues, healthcare, and other large organizations.

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LG Digital Signs and Digital LED Gallery

New images from LG on Pinterest

For more information we recommend contacting Chanuk Song of LGE

Here is the link for the main LG Information Displays market solutions

Below are some of the case studies for Interactive Displays.

  •  McDonalds relies on LG High Brightnessicon_trans04

    McDonalds relies on LG High Brightness

    The drive-thru tender from McDonalds Germany was in great demand in the digital signage industry. A pitch for more than 4,000 high-brig…
  • ASSA ABLOY Stockholm Event LG Transparent OLED Automatic Door, Swedenicon_trans10

    ASSA ABLOY HQ, Sweden

    LG’s industry-leading OLED display technology and ASSA ABLOY’s expertise in automatic sliding doors, collaborated to make changes in di…
  • LG Electronics R&D Center Transparent OLED Automatic Door, Koreaicon_trans02

    LG Electronics R&D Center, Korea

    Transparent OLED Automatic Door is installed at LG R&D Center in Pyeongtaek. The unique transparent display will present a new opportun…
  • Russia Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal C LG LED Signage, Russiaicon_trans01

    Russia Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal C LG LED Signage, Russia

    LG Electronics recently finished installing LED signage for FIDS (Flight Information Display System) at C Terminal C of Ceremetyevo Int…

    LG Electronics has already spearheaded in the fields of electronics, communication equipment and home appliances. In the digital signage field, which has been developed since 2012, we have strengthened our leading position in providing the most innovative products in the world. Digital signage solutions are designed with a focus on a deep understanding of industries, and customer convenience. Integrated solutions ranging from content management, service to maintenance are delivered.

New Product — SEAMLESS Kitted Series Flat dvLED Mounting System for LG LED Displays

LG LED Mounting System by Peerless-AV

LG Mounting Kit

LG Mounting Kit

Peerless-AV’s SEAMLESS Kitted Series Flat dvLED Mounting System is designed exclusively for the LG LSAA and LSAB Series Direct View LED Displays, offering slim, space-saving, and aesthetically appealing designs for multiple configurations. With integrated cable management, easy-hang hardware, and a lightweight aluminum frame, integrators can quickly and easily build the perfect video wall.

Peerless-AV® also offers start to finish support through the SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration Program. The Peerless-AV dvLED Solutions Team is there every step of the way to ensure every customer receives SEAMLESS product support and service.

Visit to get your project started!

Additional configurations available