Wayfinding Kiosks Case Study – New York Moynihan Train Hall

By | July 19, 2022
wayfinding kiosks penn station

Wayfinding Kiosks At Work

To reclaim its status as “America’s front door,” New York’s Moynihan Train Hall located in the legendary Penn Station needed a fresh update of the entire facility. 22Miles offered Moynihan an infusion of dynamic and diverse technology, integrated into a solutions suite that was easily customized to its unique needs.

22Miles implemented interactive wayfinding kiosks and displays that feature more than 10 language input options to serve the multi-cultural flow of individuals. We incorporated full ADA compliance from elevators and accessible alternate routes, as well as a digital magnifier, screen adjustments, and an operation index. Moynihan also features 22Miles’ Secure Mobile Control system, which allows contactless control of screens on a user’s mobile device.

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