Digital Signage Solutions for Banks – Are They a Good Investment?

By | September 2, 2021
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Digital Signage Solutions for Banks

From Explore Keyser Sep 2021

We firmly believe that digital signage solutions can take just about any business or organization’s messaging to the next level. But when it comes to financial institutions like banks, does digital signage have anything special to offer? Our answer is a firm yes. In this article, we’re covering why digital signage solutions for banks benefit not just business owners, but workers and customers as well.

Cultivate An Informed Customer Base

In some cases, going to the bank can be a confusing experience, especially if the customer is a first time visitor. Accessible lobby signage that explains basic policies and processes in a simplified and comprehensive display can help customers have a better understanding of what they need and feel more comfortable by the time they talk to an employee. Here are a few of the display screens you can use to provide informative messaging to customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

One of the many ways digital signage can increase customer experience is by leveraging a diverse collection of display screens for a variety of purposes. Digital displays are dynamic and provide several ways to improve customer engagement and enhance their experience. For example, entertainment in waiting areas, like news updates, sports games, or social media updates in real-time, cut down the frustration of wait times. Here are a few other signage options that add to your customer’s in-store experience:

Display Options

  • Interactive Kiosks – Banks have a long and successful history of implementing self-service kiosks into their business to supplement employee labor. ATM kiosks have simplified many bank interactions for years. Increasing service options at your bank’s branch with touch screen kiosks will help with efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Video Walls – These screens are an impressive display of signage technology that enhances the in-store experience and provides useful information for visitors.
  • In-window Units – Window signage provides eye-catching imagery and information to passersby before they even step into your bank.
  • Wayfinding Signage  In the case of larger financial institutions, digital wayfinding signage provides a comprehensive resource for customers attempting to navigate your building.

Showcase Your Brand

Digital displays messaging helps get your bank’s name out there. With a variety of outdoor signage options to encourage potential customers to walk through your door, digital signage is an effective tool for increasing brand awareness. In addition, brand consistency is made easier with a digital signage system, allowing employees to create consistent displays across all screens used at your location.

Increase Revenue

While different types of signage installations serve an array of purposes, at the end of the day it’s all about messaging that increases revenue. Digital signage systems in banks allow you to display new promotions, deals, and services in a visually appealing and digestible format. Digital signage has shown to increase rates of up-selling, as well as promote unplanned purchases.

Add Efficiencies to In-store Operations

Digital signage CMS makes content management easy and efficient. Employees can update signs quickly and with no struggle through an easy to use digital signage software. If your bank branch has traditionally relied on static signage for messaging, digital signage is a major shift in the process that saves a lot of time and labor.

Kiosks and informative signage also take a lot of the burden off of employees, allowing them to do their job better. Signage can also improve internal communication and help your employees be better informed about policy updates, new promotions, etc.

Embrace the Appeal of Advanced Tech

There are a host of benefits of digital signage for banks, but not all of those reasons have to do with messaging and efficiency. Digital signage adds something to the aesthetic and atmosphere of your location that traditional signage doesn’t have: a modern appeal. Simply put, well-crafted signage displays are an impressive visual experience, and having that technology in your bank facilitates a unique branch experience for your customers.

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