Transit Station Digital Signage Solution – Spokane Transit Case Study

By | January 26, 2022
transit station digital signage solution

Transit Station Digital Signage Solution News

January 25, 2022 –Fifteen new 55-inch real-time display monitors were recently installed at the STA Plaza. The monitors are designed for long-term commercial use and offer bright and vibrant imagery with enhanced visibility.

Spokane Transit partnered with Spokane-based Zipline Interactive to custom build displays that show departure times and the status of each bus. Another vendor, Nanonation, provided the software and media players needed to display and manage content on the new screens.

“Combining these advanced software technologies with the new monitors has allowed us to create an enhanced user experience for our customers here at the Plaza and throughout the bus system,” said Chris Tohm, STA’s Web Services Manager.

In addition to the Plaza, the new digital information displays have been installed at West Plains Transit Center, Spokane Community College Transit Center, Spokane Falls Station, Mirabeau Park & Ride, South Hill Park & Ride, Five Mile Park & Ride, and Eastern Washington University in Cheney.

“The new monitors make it very easy to find departure information for your buses,” Tohm said. “We’re looking forward to the next phase of installations, which will be at stations within the high-performance transit network, including City Line.”

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