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By | June 15, 2022
Panasonic Digital Signage Software Displays

InfoComm 2022 Top Trends – Digital Signage Displays

AV Technology’s Cindy Davis cites the following trends from InfoComm 2022 – 1: Collaboration; 2: Shipping Status 3: Solutions, Not Boxes; 4: Virtual Production / Extended Reality; 5: Audio Comes First in AV  — From AVTechnology June 2022

She calls out Panasonic booth which is nice. For more information contact [email protected]


As I reviewed my mental notes from InfoComm 2022(opens in new tab), five trends coalesced. In the coming days, I will dive deeper into some of these topics, but I wanted to share this top-level with you. There were 557 exhibitors, and I could only see a fraction of them. I would love to hear from you about what trends you saw.

Solutions, Not Boxes

Crestron(opens in new tab)Kramer(opens in new tab)Legrand AV(opens in new tab), and Panasonic Connect(opens in new tab) booths were notably different at InfoComm 2022 than in the past. These booths were thoughtfully designed to present complete solutions representing specific applications or room layouts. Previous booth tours would comprise nicely presented black boxes with a litany of alphanumerics representing the model number and a bullet list of features. Kudos to these companies and others that are moving toward the ecosystem narrative versus the pieces and parts.

Crestron booth at InfoComm 2022

Crestron booth at InfoComm 2022 (Image credit: Future)

Kramer booth at InfoComm 2022

Kramer booth at InfoComm 2022 (Image credit: Future)

Panasonic Connect booth at InfoComm 2022

Panasonic Connect booth at InfoComm 2022 (Image credit: Future)

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