Mexico Amusement Park Video Wall and Digital Signage Case Study

By | December 28, 2022
Amusement park digital signage Mexico

Mexico Amusement Park Video Wall and Digital Signage Case Study


digital signage amusement park

digital signage amusement park

Major amusement park in Mexico needed a way to communicate all of its featured attractions to customers as they entered the park.


165 inch 4K video wall positioned outside which uses dynamic content managed by CMS.


  • Software – Alveni uses an on-premise server with the SiteRemote server software with SiteCaster DS features from PROVISIO. The end customer is in Mexico and communicated directly with Alveni in Spanish. The UI was freely designed and a language drop-down selection easily integrated. See tutorial video: ‘Languages’ at SiteKiosk Online Cloud digital signage CMS pricing is $239.00/device per year. Win/Android devices supported.

From AlveniIt’s the holiday season and tech teams keep working hard for loyal customers. Here is a 165” 4K videowall in Xel-há park, Riviera Maya, Mexico. The complete solution also includes Provisio’s Sitecaster CMS to easily update content. The videowall located in the visitors’ transfer area and allows Xel-há to engage customers when they arrive at the park and show all the amazing activities that the park offers! It’s great to work with companies that integrate technology into their operation to enhance the customer’s experience.


  • Alveni – Headquarters in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico, Alveni offers interactive solutions for companies to help them communicate effectively and efficiently with clients & collaborators through the latest technology interactive solutions such as self-service kiosks, digital signage & customer satisfaction measurement
  • Sitekiosk – HQ Germany – SiteKiosk Online’s content management system provides you with extensive, easy-to-use functions to help you quickly create interactive interfaces and signage. SiteKiosk Online supports the Windows and Android
    • has replaced SiteRemote + SiteCaster DS. The new kiosk and digital signage software is much more powerful.  See video tutorials at 
    • We have just released SiteKiosk Online 1.1 with new and improved features. I will send a news alert to you. We also offer a comprehensive, Cloud-based design too to create multi-media campaigns in your Cloud account…. drag-n-drop, easy to use: