LG taps DSP Concepts for voice command recognition

By | January 4, 2022
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LG Electronics usingDSP Concepts’ TalkTo audio front end for voice pick-up and speech recognition on its new LG Objet TV, the 65ART90. Noted on RapidTVNews Dec29, 2021 —

Voice Command Recognition LG

DSP Concepts used the Audio Weaver design platform to create a custom solution for LG based on the TalkTo audio front end.

The LG 65ART90 features two microphones arranged with a front-facing linear geometry. For user commands, the TV uses the keywords “Hi LG”. It will initially be available in South Korea, using LG’s proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to recognise commands in Korean.

Hojun Nam, head of HE R&D Lab at LG Electronics, said: “Consumers expect their voice-enabled devices to understand their commands, despite the presence of background noise. With a visually stunning design featuring a moveable fabric cover, the 65ART90 is meant to entertain from a comfortable distance and can be paired with LG soundbars or multi-channel home theater systems. The TalkTo solution was the perfect choice for high accuracy voice pickup together with noise interference reduction.”

Added Chin Beckmann, CEO and co-founder of DSP Concepts: “TalkTo combines advanced signal processing techniques that accurately filter the audio signal detected by the TV’s microphones. This significantly improves accuracy and makes for a much more reliable and satisfying user experience. The key feature is that a viewer can sit in front of a loud television and speak their commands without having to raise their voice.”