Cruise Ship Outdoor AV Projects

By | April 17, 2023
gneb installation lg

Cruise Ship Outdoor AV Projects

We recently did a post on AVIXA regarding new DVLED technology by LG called GNEB

In Brief Summary

  • Marine-grade DVLED technology
  • Salty air is not a problem
  • 6.2-millimeter pixel pitch and a 5,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 160-degree horizontal viewing angle

“LG’s marine-grade DVLED technology is the ideal outdoor display medium because it can produce bright images and has the contrast necessary for watching videos in direct sunlight. The GNEB is easy to maintain thanks to a module-based construction,” says Jake Benner, director hospitality, cruise & titness at LG Business Solutions USA. “Outdoor areas on cruise ships can now be outfitted with movie-theater sized displays, while providing optimal performance day in and day out regardless of how salty, wet or unpredictable the environment is.”

The GNEB series features a marine-grade powder coating that protects against salinity and corrosion in marine environments and weather conditions. Both the front and rear of the display are IP67-certified and feature reliable designs for seaside environments to enable stable power and data connections. IP67 is among the highest levels of environmental protection available.

GNEB Installation Example in Progress

Turns out that there is a big new installation “in progress,” so we thought a phase-by-phase illustration would be usefuil


By Michael Warner of LG

Guess what…. It’s me again with the
Inaugural install of our marine grade GNEB product.
This IP67 GNEB 8.3 pixel pitch will be replacing an aging existing display that has concluded its service.
Make sure to stay tuned for the final product.

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